Rabu, 23 Mei 2012

Kepala Siring Waterfall

Kepala Siring Waterfall

As the name implies Waterfall Bertingkat which consist of two levels. It is located very close to the waterfall Campuhan. Tourist attraction of Kepala Siring waterfall is one tourist destination both locally and outside the tourist area in North Bengkulu district and has a pull of the waterfall and irrigation Ducth heritage and landscape conversation as our place of growth Rafflesia.

Tourist attraction of Kepaa Siring waterfall is the natural Rocky River. There are also waterfall that’s still natural, stairs and a small bridge. Many people also call that place with Tangga Seribu (Thousand Steps). To go to the river and waterfalls, visitors had to descend the stairs. According to officials, the number of steps is about 200.

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