Selasa, 31 Juli 2012

Raya Baiturahman Mosque

Hello my friends... I believe that you ever heard about this place but a few years ago tsunami struck this place,,,
Raya Baiturahman Mosque

Raya Baiturahman Mosque, located in downtown Banda Aceh, Aceh is a market that is in the pride of the people of Aceh mosque.History records the first time in this place stands a mosque Kingdom of Aceh. When the Dutch attacked the city of Banda Aceh in 1873 this mosque was burned, but to quell the anger of the people of Aceh in 1875. Netherlands to rebuild a mosque that stands majestically as a replacement at this time.This single-domed mosque and was built on December 27, 1883. The mosque was subsequently extended to 3 domes in 1935. Last expanded again to 5 dome (1959-1968)

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