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Rafflesia Flower

Rafflesia Flower

Flower Rafflesia Arnoldi or known as the corpse flower is so familiar in the ears of Indonesian society. One type of these rare plants is grown only in southern Sumatra region, especially in the province of Bengkulu. As endemic plants, flowers also became the official symbol of Bengkulu province. Corpse flower is unique and its own story. Not just name, the title also refers to the smell of carrion is often caused by these flowers bloom tome. But the smell is still adorned with the beauty and uniqueness of the habitat interest of government is protected by of Bengkulu province. Rafflesia Arnoldi’s name apparently refers to the interest which the inventor Thomas Stanford Raffles, a British lieutenant who was then serving as governor of Bengkulu and Dr. Arnoldy, a botanist. This flower is found in some forest areas of Bengkulu in 1818.
Flower Rafflesia Arnoldi does have its own uniqueness. This flower has roots, leaves, and steam. This is because the interest is a parasitic plant that propagates. When the bloom, the flowers are like a giant flower, Weight of the Rafflesia flower bloom can reach 11 pounds with a diameter up to 1 meter. To be the perfect bloom, flowers take nine months. Bloom period also tend to be short and only had about a week. Blooming flower has five petals that protect the inside. On the basis of this section, there is a stamen or pistil flowers depending on sex. During the bloom, flowers will be putting out a bad odor to trigger insects to close.

Basically this is a natural process to assist in the fertilization of flowers. In Bengkulu province, this flower can be found in several areas such as the Protected Areas Register 5 Bukit Daun, Taba Penanjung, and North Bengkulu. Since interest is fairly rare, and its growth was slow, then the bloom of this flower is often the spectacle of residents and tourists who visited Bengkulu. Aside from being a symbol, Rafflesia flowers are the main attraction for the province of Bengkulu. It is inevitable that many tourists both local and foreign tourists visiting the province to see the uniqueness of flowers especially during bloom. One of the tourist wealth of Indonesia is also worth considering the amount of preserved, and there was relatively rare.

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