Sabtu, 16 Juni 2012

Curup Embun Waterfall

Hi guys.... in this time I will try to introduce the tourists attraction from Pagar Alam's City. This city is very peaceful and comfortable. Let's check it out !!! 

Curup Embun Waterfall

One of the attractions of waterfall that has such a beautiful natural charm is Curup Embun Waterfalls. The located approximately 9 kilometers from the center of Pagar Alam, or rather eastern slopes of tea plantations in Dempo. At the entrance to the visitors of this site will be treated with the hundreds of steps, the visitors will feel the atmosphere of cool because there are stairs on either side of the hedge is still very natural forests. There are many fun activities that can be performed in this attraction. Besides that relax at the lodge on the riversides, also can enjoy the crystal clear mountain water that flows along the river. For those of you who can not swim do not worry, because the water flow is not heavy so it is safe to be a place to swim and enjoy the watefallr that fell from the lips of 80-meter-high cliff. Curp Embun Waterfall is always visited by the public, especially on weekends. so immediately come to Curup Embun Waterfall attractions and things to do.

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