Minggu, 10 Juni 2012

Zakat Beach

Zakat Beach

Zakat beach Bengkulu, located about 2 kilometers from the center of city of Bengkulu, adjacent to Fort Marlborough and Tapak Padri Beach. The natural beauty of Zakat beach no less when we compared between Panjang Beach and Tapak Padri beach Bengkulu. At Zakat beach, tourists can enjoy the beauty of the beaches are still awake and not polluted. Zakat beach is a beach that is relatively safe for visitors to bath and swim at the beach. You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery at sunset approached the city of Bengkulu. In addition to enjoying the natural beauty Zakat beach, guests are also pampered with other facilities to entertain visitors as a jet ski rentals, banana boat game, float rental and outbound conveyor. Visitors can also play a surfboard and surf at this beach. Many seller of corn and grilled bananas and a variety of different typical fried seafood Bengkulu that will pamper your culinary tastes in the way of Zakat beach. 

Beach communities around Zakat beach also sell their catches of sea here. If you visit the city of Bengkulu, do not miss Zakat beach as your destination. Experience the natural beauty.

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