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Museum and Aceh’s House

Hi guys… do you still with me??? All right in this change I will invite you to know about one place that has its own characteristics… Let’s check it out!!!

 Museum and Aceh’s House

The city of Banda Aceh has a State Museum is located in a complex. Museum of the main building of a traditional Acehnese house, built in 1914 for Venues Exhibition in Semarang, which is then brought back to Banda Aceh in 1915 by Governor Van Swart (Netherlands), which then made the Museum. Rumoh Aceh is a house on stilts a narrow door, but inside the room is not insulated.
The new showroom Museum has a 3-storey buildings, crammed with a collection of antiquities is well laid out. One of the Museum's collections is a great bell, named "CakraDonya". This bell is a gift from the Chinese Empire in the past that was taken by Admiral Ceng Ho in 1414. Museum has a front porch which also shows the typical shape wood carvings with a pattern of Aceh. There are many interesting things in museum pavilion adjacent to the Governor of Aceh that so many schoolchildren who visit each day.

In this complex all at once found the tomb of the sultans of Aceh in the past. Tomb of the Sultan in general it made from Stone Mountain and adorned with a beautiful Arab Kaligraphi stunning, one of which is the Tomb of Sultan Iskandar Muda. 

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