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Temple Muaro Jambi

Hi Guys~~~ Nice to meet you again… Do you ever hear about Jambi Province??? Most of the attractions in Jambi at this time not all can be managed either by the Government, although efforts in that direction continue, especially in the management of the site / object of historical heritage, natural attractions and protected forest and its contents. But don’t worry guys, in this chance I’ll try to introduce the attraction is there ~’’’~’’~
Temple Muaro Jambi

Attractions: enshrinement Muara Jambi district is one of the famous attractions in Edinburgh. Enshrinement of this region is one of the largest temple complexes in Southeast Asia. Enshrinement area is visited by Buddhist communities in Southeast Asia to worship. Enshrinement of this site is not only a tourist attraction, but also a place that has a very high historical value, the object of research of archaeologists and also places of worship.

Muara Jambi sites enshrinement Region has an area of ​​11 square kilometers. Up to now in this area there are at least 33 pieces of rubble or brick buildings of the temple. Some of these buildings is clustered in a place surrounded by a fence wall around the temple such as the Gulf, Kembarbatu, Candi Gedong, Gumpung, High Temple, and Temple City Mahligai Kedaton and partly lie scattered like Candi Astano, Manapo Malay, and several other small manapo.
In addition to the temple buildings, the area enshrinement Muara Jambi also found the remains of settlements in the form of ceramics and pottery shards and other goods for daily use. Now, finding goods are stored and exhibited at the Information Center for enshrinement Muara Jambi area located within the area of ​​this site.

Goa Tiangko – Merangin

A tourist attraction of Goa Tiangko is located in the village Tiangko, Manau River District, Merangin district, Jambi, or about 9 km from the River Manau. Not only Goa Tiangko that located in the village Tiangko, but also several other caves. It is said that this area formerly used as an ancient human habitation. Tiangko one cave, the cave was first occupied by a group of early humans, 9000 years ago. The situation in other caves like the cave, there are stalactites and stalagmites.

Kerinci Lake

Tourist attraction of Lake Kerinci is storing many types of fish. Semah fish is the most popular type and is an endemic fish. Lake Kerinci District is located in two District of Lake Kerinci and Around the Lake District. There are several interesting locations in several villages around Lake Kerinci, which Pesanggarahan area where we can see from the above views of Lake Kerinci, Tanjung Bung Hatta Hatta is a great place to enjoy the panorama of Lake Kerinci and plant trees there, there Seleman village house which is a typical home Laheik Kerinci , Middle Island and in the village there is a Dolmen stone Sacred Mosque of King and Middle Island and around lake Kerinci there are a number of carved stone megaliths suspected human remains.

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