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Lake at West Sumatra

There are many tourist attractions in West Sumatra, why I said that??? Because I’d ever go there with my family,,, the tourist attraction in West Sumatra so beautiful. That place is unique and so amazing. You must go there to see for myself, I believe you will be surprise to see that…*_*…

Singkarak Lake

Singkakrak Lake is the largest lake in West Sumatra with a length of 21 km, located on the edge of the highway Padang Panjang - Solok. Around the lake there are several places to rest and relax, and there is also a variety of facilities canoe, boat and hotel. There is also a facility to surround the lake with a beautiful view.

Maninjau Lake

Maninjau Lake is quite beautiful and charming, located approximately 36 km from the town of Bukittinggi, can be reached by passing through a winding road known as winding 44 (winding-Ampek Ampek). Available facilities in this lake for swimming, fishing, water bike is quite exciting and there are also hotels and home stays are quite representative.

Above the Lake and the Lake Below

Above the Lake and the Lake Below is two lakes known as the Twin Lakes. Both lakes are located in the village of Simpang Market, District Lembayang Jaya district. Solok, located approximately 47 km from the city of SMF and 56 km from the city of Padang. The uniqueness of the twin lakes is to get to the lake on top, we have to go through that path to get to the lake decreased while Below, we have to go through a climbing path. Around the lake planted passion fruit with a sweet taste, vegetables, and potatoes.

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