Sabtu, 22 September 2012

Tourism Places

Hi~~~Guys~~~ See you again with me… in this time I still want to tell you about another tourism places in West Sumatra. Do you want to know tha??? This is the proof…*_^…

Morning Dew

Before reaching Maninjau Lake we will pause at Morning Dew in the village of Padang Arena 24 km from Bukittinggi to enjoy the cool and comfortable while looking Maninjau beauty with blue waters and surrounded by verdant hills.
Ngalau Beautiful

Two miles before entering the town from the direction Bukitinggi Payakumbuh we'll get to a natural cave with stalagnit and stalagmites on the cave ceiling is quite interesting. In the cave, we will hear the sound of bats flying around us and feel without being able to see it. Outside the cave we will enjoy the garden with shady trees add to the coolness and beauty of nature.

Pagaruyung Castles

The palace was built by the royal family that has Batusangkar Pagaruyung in typical Minangkabau. In the palace there are relics of the kingdom which is still well preserved. Around this palace, we can enjoy the beauty of nature with the cool air. A Pagaruyung castle is located in the district of Tanah Datar Golden Horn. Pagaruyung is the location of the residence of the King of Minangkabau as the center of government. House just now is there is a replica of the original castles with paintings on the outside walls and roof of the towering shape of buffalo horns.

Valley Harau

It is a nature reserve with a steep limestone hill with a height of 100 to 150 m, located 14 km from Payakumbuh. Here also encountered five waterfalls are always devotes its clear water. In this place for camping facilities are also available for tourism activities surrounding youth and nature reserves along the path. Planned nature reserve will be the first wildlife park outside of Java.

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