Minggu, 30 September 2012

Interesting Places

Hi~~~Guys~~~ See you again with me… in this time I still want to tell you about another tourism places in West Sumatra. Let’s check it out…*_^…

Pandai Sikek

Pandai Sikek known as the carving craft center and Songket woven fabrics. Pandai Sikek located at the foot of Mount Singgalang about 10 miles before entering the city of Bukittinggi with beautiful scenery. Here we can see the life of a traditional farming community. The village has 1000 looms fruit. Painting wood furniture is also made here.

Sikuai Island

Sikuai Island, an island located on the west side of the island of Sumatra is located only about a half mile northeast of the city of Padang and can be achieved using a special transport ship and takes about 35 minutes left of the pier airud Bungus. Visitors can stay at the island resort facilities that include two-star hotel. The resort provides 21 units cottages with a capacity of about 45 rooms. Besides enjoying the beauty of the coastal and marine tourism, trekking around the island or explore the natural forest to climbing can also be done by visitors who love nature adventure.

Langkisau Hill

Langkisau hill has an altitude of 1,000 feet, located between the Village and Town Painan-Salido South Coast. Besides being able to enjoy spectacular views of the sea, the hills Langkisau also used as a sports kite flying with its landing on the beach or beach Carocok Salido.

Cubadak Island

Cubadak Island is one of the islands in the Mandeh - South Coast who has managed to be an international attraction by investors from Italy. The resort has 13 bungalows and one suite with natural architecture supported by some means of support for the activities of diving, fishing and snorkeling. The resort is also equipped with a motor boat, dock and some other marine facilities.

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