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Tourism Places in West Sumatra

Hemmm… In this day I want to tell you about any tourism places in West Sumatra… Are you ready to know that places??? Let’s go………*_*………

Root Bridge South Coast

Located about 30 minutes from Painan, Root Bridge is one of the most unique attractions in West Sumatra. The bridge that crosses the river shadow life is made of two Bohon banyan roots interlocked. Unlike bridges in general are growing weaker, with increasing age the root bridge banyan tree growing stronger. It is said that this bridge was designed by a scholar named Pakih Sokan in the early 1900's.

Surfing and Beach Holidays in Mentawai

Mentawai Islands regency capital of Old Pejat - Sipora is approximately 135 km from the city of Padang can be reached by sea takes between 6-10 hours. In addition to have the beautiful beach with white sand, marine attractions or tourist activity is the famous surfing activities (surfing) to do around the island of Siberut and Sipora. Accommodations for visitors are in some city districts and sub-districts.

Pariangan Village in Tanah Datar

Is the oldest village in Minangkabau, where the ancestors of the Minangkabau sourced, slope of Mount Merapi is located on the street front Padang Panjang - Batusangkar. In this village can be seen authenticity form that reflects the traditional village social life Minangkabau like Hall, mosques, traditional house, barn rice is an essential element of a social group of the Minangkabau. There is a hot water bath, and a few stone seoperti basurek heritage, according to the story long grave is the grave of Dt. Tantejo Gurhano architect Traditional House Minangkabau.

Rest Home Campago Hall
Campago Hall located on a beautiful hill with the cool air and the society safe and peaceful, exactly in the Village Campago Cuguak Bulek, Mandiangin Koto Salayan Bukittinggi, 4 km from the center of Bukittinggi. For the location can be reached by land transportation within 10 minutes from Dublin city center and 1 hour 45 minutes from Padang. Campago Hall stood on the land area of ​​8038 m2 with a building area of ​​3054 m2 consists of 2 VIP building, 1 main building consists of 3 Superior rooms and 17 standard rooms are all equipped with furniture. Existing facilities in the Central Campago is a ballroom with a capacity of 40 people, tennis courts, lobby, lounge terrace, jogging track, outdoor coffee shop, viewing decks, towers, prayer room and adequate parking. The facility will soon be added to the pool and playground. From the hall can be seen throughout the beauty Campago Bukittingi city, like 2 pieces lined mountains encircling the city of Bukittinggi and custom homes that lie beneath the Mount Campago.

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