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Nani Wartabone Monument

I still want to share you about any tourism place in Gorontalo. Let’s find…. ~_~

Nani Wartabone Monument

Nani Wartabone monument was built around 1987 during the reign of Drs. A. Nadjamudin, Mayor of Gorontalo. The monument is located at the Cadet Field Youth, Village Biawu, Selalatan City District, Gorontalo city, right in front of the Office of the Governor of Gorontalo province today.

Nani Wartabone is a native son of the Gorontalo which has many devoted themselves as warriors of the nation, especially in the patriotic movement against Dutch colonialism. Patriotic movement under the leadership of the People's Gorontalo Wartabone Nani, using the tactics and strategies of the nation struggle to repel the invaders, the Netherlands, from Earth filigree, Gorontalo. The patriotic struggle of the people of Gorontalo reached klimasnya on January 23, 1942, being the only region in Indonesia capable of Indonesia declared independence from the Earth Gorontalo, escape from the clutches of Dutch colonialism.

The soul of patriotism that grew and preserved since the 17th century, culminating in a patriotic January 23, 1942, a gravel Gorontalo dedicated people within his limitations in the development of the Republic of Indonesia who was born on August 17, 1945.Patriotic spirit appears and grows steadily during the Japanese rule, and continue to be fostered and passed on to the present generation.

Nani Monemen Wartabone built to honor the heroic service Nani Wartabone Independence Pioneers, origin Gorontalo, Gorontalo and remind people would milestone January 23, 1942, with the expectation that the results will struggle to grow in succeeding generations souls to build Indonesia's beloved in the independence.
He was born April 30, 1907 and died on January 3rd 1996. His father named Zakaria Wartabone, a Jogugu (sort of Head) at the time of the Dutch Government. His mother named Saerah Mooduto.

On Friday, November 7, 2003 at 10:00 am Alm Haji Wartabone Nani was awarded a National Hero by President Megawati Sukarnoputir housed in the Palace of the State is marked by the reading of Presidential Decree No. 085/TK/2003 letter, dated 6 November 2003.He never led the Civil Administration in Gorontalo post-old Dutch East Indies 144 days, with a population totaling 300 thousand people. Wilayanya covers the eastern region, Molibagu and Kaidipang (now Bolmong region), and the western region, Buol and Tolitoli (Central Sulawesi).

The Administrative Governance for Gorontalo run without making significant changes to the governance structure of the Dutch East Indies era. Moreover, in terms of personnel, there is almost no obstacles for the bulk of the civil service on the lower level held by natives who remain loyal to the struggle to function.

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