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Lake Limboto

Lake Limboto

In Lake Limboto attraction located in the District Limboto, Gorontalo district, which currently has a depth of between 5 to 8 meters, the end of the tourists can enjoy various activities such as, fishing, boating competitions, or swimming. In addition, they can also enjoy the fresh grilled fish supplied by local fishermen society with a relatively cheap.

Lake Limboto widely from year to year and the depth is steadily decreasing. Limboto vast lake in 1999 ranged between 1900-3000 ha, with a depth of 2-4 meters (Fisheries Branch Gorontalo Regency, 2000). In 1932, the vast waters reached 7,000 ha, with a maximum depth of 30 m (Sarnita, 1996).
Thus, there has been a fairly rapid siltation in these waters reaching 38.80 cm / year. Deforestation around these waters appears to be one of the factors that cause considerable high silting .Data water quality during 1998-1999 showed that the surface water temperature of Lake Limboto at noon ranged from 29 to 32.50 ° C, while the brightness ("transparency ") 35-65 cm. During the day, the oxygen levels in the surface water and the layer 1 meter below surface respectively 6 to 10.30 mg / l and 4 to 7.10 mg / l.

The content of CO 2 in the surface layer ranged from 0-5 mg / l, pH 8.30 to 8.80 and total alkalinitasnya waters ("alkalinity") 55-85 mg CaCO3 / l. Levels of phosphate compounds ranged from 0.02 to 0.07 mg / l, nitrate content was very small (close to 0 mg / l), but the level reaches 0.30 to 0.90 nitritnya mg / l, and organic ingredient content 30 - 37 mg / l. Based on the content of phosphate, according to the classification of Parma (1980), including the waters of Lake Limboto mesotrof.

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