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Pentadio Resort

Hallo Guys…. Do you ever hear about Gorontalo province??? Hemmm… Gorontalo province has some tourism places that so interesting for visited and enjoyed by many people both from domestic and foreign.  This place so famous in Asian… Let’s check it out…~_^…

Pentadio Resort

Pentadio Resort is one of the mainstay tourism Gorontalo province. The word derives from Gorontalo Pentadio which means lake-shore, while the word resort taken from the English language meaning place of rest. Named Pentadio because this resort is on the lake Limboto beautiful and enchanting, and maybe resort is also located in the village pentadio Gorontalo regency blue Lake District. At first, the 14-hectare tourist attraction has been unveiled by the Government of the Netherlands since 1928, which is marked with a memorial stone in the nearby hot springs in the area these attractions. Since then, local people made ​​these recreation suggestions and cure various diseases.

Pentadio Resort was inaugurated by the Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare Drs. Jusuf Kalla on February 25, 2004. Attraction that was built at a cost of Rp 15 billion to fund APB Gorontalo regency is an international tourist attraction, with various supporting facilities, and professionally managed. This attraction is located in the village of Pentadio, Telagabiru District, Gorontalo regency. The location is very interesting and strategic because it is located in the Lake Limboto.

The specialty of this resort pentadio region, visitors can witness the blast of hot springs that contain sulfur. And can be used to boil eggs until cooked. Visitors can also enjoy a splash of warm springs are quite beneficial for health, especially for the skin disease. In addition, this area is also equipped with international standard facilities and professionally managed, so that the visitors can do other leisure activities comfortably. As the steam bath, swimming in the dye bath of hot water or cold water, fishing and water cycling. For visitors that has hobby of singing, also available at this location pub and karaoke.

Other facilities available in the region are the restaurant and ample parking. For those who want to stay, there are cottages or cabin - small cottage equipped with amenities such as TV, Fridge, AC, Springbed and Small Rooms with a design that offers a traditional feel Gorontalo. The visitors can also purchase items - souvenir items available in the shops - souvenir shops in tourist areas pentadio resort.

Access to pentadio resort, from the airport to the location Jalaluddin Gorontalo, traveling can be reached by four-wheel vehicles and two-wheeler with a travel time of about 45 minutes. From the center of Gorontalo only approximately 20 minutes with less use Bentor.

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