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Tomb Ju Panggola

This is one place that make us so thankful for God because we can get the miracle from this place… do you want to know that place??????

Sacred Tomb of Ju Panggola

Sacred Tomb of Ju Panggola is located in the Village Dembe I, West City District, approximately 1 km to the west of the location of Fort Otanaha. This shrine is located on a hill at a height of 50 meters from the highway, right on the border and the city of Gorontalo Gorontalo regency. From the top of this hill we can see vast Limboto Lake, with the increasingly critical water, from a depth of 32 meters now live 5 to 7 meters.
Ju Panggola is a title or a nickname. Ju means 'yes', while Panggola means 'old'. So Ya Ju Panggola means old man. In the history of the name of the old man was Ilato, which means lightning. Because of the miracle and Ilato sacred nature, has the ability to disappear and show up if the country in a state of emergency.
Old Man or "Ju Panggola" title comes from the public because of all he appeared, with the profile of the Old Man wearing a white robe. He has a very long white beard passing through the knee. He was also dubbed the "Awuliya" because he is a Muslim missionaries since 1400, prior to the Wali Songo in Java.
Flow left by Ju Panggola is white magic, which is applied through "langga" or martial arts in the world of martial arts. He did not directly train the students, but only tears in the eyes of the disciples, and the disciples automatically acquire martial arts moves spontaneously, either through dreams or through reflex.
The tomb has many wonders, among other things; land on top of the hill it smell nice. According to history, the hill has been occupied by him as a place bermunajat to the presence of Allah SWT.
Miracles can still be seen until now. In the tomb every pilgrim came and took handful of the land around the tomb, and strangely dugouts are never a hole in the ground when thousands of people take it as a mascot.
Tomb Ju Panggola visits from the tourists every day, both domestic and foreign tourists. Some of them perform prayers at the mosque Ju Panggola, praying and invoking blessings for healing of their illness.

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