Selasa, 11 September 2012

Amazing Palces

Still in West Sumatra that has some beautiful places. We will look the different view that so amazing places,,, Let’s check it out!!!

Clock Tower/ Jam Gadang

Clock Tower is a tower building towering majestically, distinctive Minangkabau roof, located in the town of Bukittinggi. Clock Tower is a landmark and symbol of the city of Bukittinggi, built on a hill called the Mount Enclosure Buffalo at the time of the Dutch Government in 1827 by Contraleur (Secretary) Rook Maker.
From the top of the tower we can enjoy and see how beautiful nature around the town of Bukittinggi is decorated Mount Merapi, Mount Singgalang, Mount Sago and Sianok Canyon. In addition, the Clock Tower is also useful as a guide for communities to know the time. It is unique in the Clock Tower is the number 4 is written IIII.

De Kock Fort

The fort was built on the summit in the city of Bukittinggi in 1825 at the time of the uprising led by Tuanku Imam Bonjol and Nan Salapan Tigers against the Dutch. Around this fort, we can still see the ancient cannon XIX century AD period. The place has been decorated with a spacious garden as a place to watch the height, Sianok canyon and surrounding hills are ancient cannon and fort building. This is the best place in Dublin watching Sunset.

Tri Arga Build/ Bung Hatta Palace

The building is located in Dublin's city center during an emergency rule before the Republic of Indonesia in 1947. It is caused by aggression Dutch want to divide our nation. To commemorate the services of Bung Hatta, the building was renamed the Tri Arga Bung Hatta Palace.

Japanese Tunnel

The tunnel is 1,400 meters in length over the winding is made by Japanese soldiers during the period of 1942, is located in the middle of the park in the canyon panorama Sianok under the town of Bukittinggi, with a width of 2 meters. Inside the cave there are different purposes for office space, hospitals, food and weapons. The entrance of the cave there are some places, like in the canyon Sianok, in Panorama, in addition to the Bung Hatta Palace and Dublin Zoo. The local people call this is a Japanese hole.

Ngarai Sianok

Ngarai Sianok is located in the center of Bukittinggi, stretching from the South Nagari Koto continues to the North Tower, Nagari Sianok Six Tribes and ended up in Palupuh length 15 km, a depth of 100 meters and a width of 200 meters. Silencing Ngarai Sianok or valley is a beautiful valley, green and lush, didasarnya flows a tributary winding cliff crevices browse the colorful background of Mount Merapi and the verdant Singgalang a stunning natural. The uniqueness is easily accessible canyon, a canyon in the center of which is not found in other cities in the world. The natural beauty of the breathtaking canyon Sianok always perpetuated by tourists to take photographs as well as the imagination for the painter. Explore the journey through the path in the canyon valley is an attractive recreation, when the journey continues across the canyon in 45 minutes you will arrive at Nagari Nagari Koto Gadang as the origin of some of the leaders of Indonesia, among others: H.Agus Emil Salim and Salim.

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