Rabu, 01 Agustus 2012

Sea Natural Park of Weh Island

Banda Aceh still has tourist attraction that so beautiful,,, you will feel happy in there,,, so come to Sea Natural Park of Weh Island ok Guys….^_^

Sea Natural Park of Weh Island

Geographically Sea Nature Park of Weh Island is located on 0552 'north latitude and 9552' east longitude. While the district administration including Sukakarya, Sabang Municipality, Province on Aceh and in terms of forest management including the Natural Resources Conservation Resort Iboih and get in on the Natural Resources Conservation Sub NAD.
In Sea Nature Park of Weh Island, Sabang there are coral reefs, coral both hard and soft corals of all types, shapes and colors, all of which form a cluster of interesting reef to be enjoyed, such as the coral reef area Lupas, rock deer, rock chips
In addition to coral reefs, Sea Nature of Park Weh Island, Sabang can be found the types of reef fish such as Angel fish, fish Tropet, Dunsel fish, fish Sergeon, Grope fish, Parrot fish and others. These fish are around Sea Nature Park Weh Island and most are endemic in this area. In addition, many species of fish found economical as Tuna, snapper, Grouper, Bayan, Banana and others.
Nature tourism activities to do in Sea Nature Park of Weh Island is tirta tourist activities such as surfing, boat ride, swimming, fishing, and diving under the water to enjoy nature with a diversity of coral reefs and reef fish are beautiful.

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