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Malulo Dance

Hello alL.... Long time no see you again. I feel miss u aLL... Hemm in this chance I would like to show you one dance that so pretty... Do you want to know that????

Malulo Dance

Malulo dance or Lulo (from Language Tolaki: Molulo), is one type of traditional dance art from Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. In Kendari (Southeast Sulawesi - Indonesia) there are several tribes. Tolaki tribe as one tribe in this area has some of the traditional dances; one of the traditional dances still performed to this day is called dance dances friendship Lulo.

In ancient times, this dance is performed at ceremonies such as weddings, parties and ceremonies inauguration harvest king, accompanied by percussion instruments are gongs. This dance is performed by men, women, teens, and children who were holding hands, dancing to the rhythm of gongs while forming a circle. Gong is used typically consists of two kinds of different sizes and types of noise. Utamanaya present in urban areas, the musical accompaniment of gongs lulo dances have been replaced with modern instrument is "Electone".

The philosophy of dance "lulo" is friendship, which is addressed to young people as a tribe Tolaki introduction, find a mate, and strengthens kinship. This dance is performed by the position of holding hands and forming a circle. Participants dance is not limited by age or class, anyone can take part in the dance lulo, rich and poor, old and young should not even if you are not a tribe Tolaki or from other countries to join in this dance, it is important to follow the movement of this dance. Another thing to note is posisitangan while holding hands, palms to men under arms supporting her. The position of the hand is a symbol of status, roles, ethical men and women in life.

Most important of all is the sense of Lulo dance itself, which reflects that Tolaki society is a peaceful society and to prioritize friendship and unity in living life. As the philosophy expressed in the form Tolaki samaturu saying, medulu ronga mepokoaso, which means that people undergo Tolaki in their respective roles are always together, working together, mutual help and mutual-help aids.

But this time lulo dance has undergone a process of adaptation, especially in terms of variations of movement and music that follows, if the first public interest Tolaki using percussion instruments known as "Gong" is now using an electronic musical instrument that is a single organ (Electone) so also with movement variations, ranging from slow motion lulo (relaxed) to move quickly.

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