Minggu, 17 Februari 2013

Silver Craft Kendari

There are many craft in Southeast Sulawesi, one of them is Silver Craft Kendari. This craft is so beautiful and  soft. If you go here you should buy it... because if you don't buy it you'll be chagrined. 

Silver Craft Kendari

Kendari silver is famous for its beauty and elegance of smoothness. is not inferior to some of the silver centers in Indonesia, for example. In Java there Kotagede (Yogyakarta), Bangil (East Java), Celuk in Bali, Sumatra, Padang.

It is said that silver in Kendari motivation starts by observing a spider making a nest, with a needle and thread start made ​​all forms of silver ornaments, silver frames and fill them with a network of fine silver threads. then created jewelry shaped orchids, roses or even a spider's web. Also forms a larger, such as sailing ships, plovers and others. Exact location in downtown is Kendari.

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