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Weaving Crafts Buton

Hello guys... How are you today????Every people have talent himself. Such as people who live in Southeast Sulawesi that have their unique hand's because they can weave and make the beautiful weave...

Weaving Crafts Buton

Art of weaving has been known in Southeast derived hereditarily from their ancestors hundreds of years ago. Woven is very admirable, as is done with great skill, perseverance and patience. In general, all the work done by the women weave clothing to meet the family for the purposes of marriage ceremonies, parties, events and other customary daily wear.

Weaving craft of Buton, Southeast Sulawesi usually depict natural objects they found in the vicinity. Weaving Buton also rich colors. This is the uniqueness of handicraft weaving of Buton. By the Buton, weaving craft is thought to be a social glue for the community Buton, Buton because weaving is the embodiment of Buton people understand the natural environment.

This is evident from the weaving patterns and motifs, such as the motive Betano walona koncuapa inspired fine ash that hovered at the opening of the burning bush fields; motif colo makbahu or matches wet, pomegranate motif bongko (rotten pomegranate), pomegranate motif sapuua, and others. Mitif simply called Kasopa, whereas a more complex motif called Kumbaea.

Aside from being a social glue, weaving Buton also considered capable of being self-identity, because for the Buton, clothing not only as body armor from the sun and wind chill of night, but also as an identity. By looking at the clothes worn by women Buton example, we can know whether he was married or not. In addition, they can also signal a woman coming from the laity or the nobility.

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