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Fort Orange

There is a history in Gorontalo attractions that caught my attention. His name was Fort Orange. Maybe you think the same as I was when the fort orange. Correct? Probably
Apparently not, not at all actually, Then why the fort named Orange? Have you ever heard Orange team squad? That the Dutch squad. So the site is called Orange fort as fort belonged to the Dutch. I also understand if the new orange color has become a color of Dutch nationality long ago. Let us trace back neatly on the history of this fort. Actually, the fort was made ​​by the Portuguese in the century 15/16. The original name of the castle that has a height of 50 meters above sea level this is not known.
Fort Orange

Attractions Fort Orange (Orange Fortress) is one of the historic relics contained in Kwandang District, approximately 61 km from the city of Gorontalo. The fort is a heritage area
The fort was built by the Portuguese in the 17th century (1630). The fort is a length of 40 meters, 32 meters wide and 5 meters high (40x32x5 meters). This fort has 178 pieces stairs.
This fort has a rock base material, volcanic rocks and limestone. It was not until the Dutch arrived, and the fort was repaired using cement. The fortress is located on a hill districts Charcoal Kewandang Gorontalo province has a main building with a length of 40 meters x 32.5 meters, 4 meters high walls and wall thickness up to 60cm.
Making fort was done by mutual cooperation of the people. Rocks distributed in the relay from hand to hand until the pile of stones. Palm leaf midrib sap becomes effective adhesive to unite mountain stone, rock, sand, and lime earlier.
The arrival of the Dutch in the 17th century made ​​the Portuguese pressed and returns back to his country. Then Holland added buildings, improve building construction.
Since the last Dutch used the fort, the Dutch also give the names of Fort Orange. Unfortunately, the fact of historical about the fort’s existence of the Portuguese is gone. Or maybe it is already stored in the history of the Dutch national archives? It's that I have not had time to browse.
Orange fort is still standing strong. If a visit to the castle we can feel as though stout fortress at a time, when the fort was still maintained. But remember, the castle is not orange.

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