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Dufan Mattampa

Visit to Makassar South Sulawesi? No harm in trying to visit Mattampa in Pangkep, a playground similar to the World Fantasy (Dufan) in Jakarta. The distance from Makassar to that place is least 50 (fifty) miles. Transportation to Pangkep you can also choose to hire a private car or using public transport.

Dufan Mattampa

Fantasy World is a paradise or Dufan play not only for kids but for all ages. In the arena game, childhood fantasy can freely roam. Not only that holds Pangkep Dufan but also better known as a supplier of milk-fishThe sound of the sound of water gurgling little boy looks so happy playing water with their peers is a view prevalent in the Fantasy World Mattampa Pangkep. If Dufan in Taman Impian Jaya Ancol Jakarta just filled with games that test your adrenaline arena and agility, Dufan Mattampa complete game arena owned by the washing of nature like water boom.

Fantasy World is located in Bungoro Mattampa Pangkep district directly adjacent to the Maros regency and Barru. Recreation center was built over an area of ​​12 hectares can be reached by traveling about 2 hours using the vehicle from the center of Makassar. Recreation center is managed by the Eternal Magnificent Promosindo who also managed the same type Rengat, Dumai and Probolinggo. For South Sulawesi alone, the game is the first built.

Entering the World of Fantasy Mattampa, you and your family will be greeted by two white horse statue is a replica of the statue greeters welcome. The green color of the different kinds of trees that surrounds this tourist center and gusts of breeze bodes how asrinya Dufan Mattampa. From the gate, you have begun to hear the boisterous visitors who fulfilled the voice that kept warning officers to maintain the safety of visitors, especially children.

By paying a levy of Rp. 5000, - and Rp. 1000, - for a fee to enter the park you have this recreation center. World Fantasy Mattampa offers the game which can certainly eliminate fatigue you and your family like carousel, windmills, ducks, elephants train, and train tours. By removing money amounting to Rp. 25.000, - you will get a ticket canal that used to enjoy all the facilities provided by the management game. But you can choose the game with only paying Rp. 5000 for every game facility. Facilities whole duration of the game for five minutes, if you are not satisfied then it can buy another ticket at the counter that has been provided. If you and your family do not want to spend too much, the manager provides a level playing field that can be enjoyed without spending a dime pocket, such as swings, slides and jumping rope. But surely thrill at the game will be different from the paid.

Once content to play in the game, you can refresh the body by jumping in the pool is also located in this region Fantasy World. To enjoy the swimming pool, the manager imposes a tariff is Rp. 10,000 for adults and Rp. 5,000 for children, as well as outside on Sunday and Saturday there is a special discount of 50 per cent of students. In Dufan Mattampa there are two swimming pools designed for adults with a depth of 4.5 meters and for children who fitted shower. Mattampa Mountains located around the area. So about the clarity and freshness of water undisputed. Both pools are also facilitated with water games like a water boom.

Heat of the sun did not dampen the pleasure most of the visitors who choose to throw themselves into the pool after fun in the game. Meanwhile, some visitors look just relax around the pool enjoying the breeze while watching their children a fun swim. Some of them looked relaxed chat with family or friends in the gazebo while enjoying snacks. Starving after swimming? You do not have to be afraid to experience it. In the recreation center there are traditional hawker center that complements all existing facilities. In this food court sold various types of food typical of South Sulawesi in particular Pangkep that you can enjoy at an affordable price.

Going forward, the Government will Pangkep District recreation center complete with a mini zoo and bring a variety of animals that are not available in South Sulawesi, for example elephants. Realizing that most visitors are young then planned to showcase the attractions of clowns that will surely add value to the World Fantasy Mattampa.

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