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Home Custom of Bandayo Pomboide

Every county has Home Custom. It be the characteristics of that area. And this article also give you knowledge about that. You can learn about another Home Custom and appreciate it. Do you want to know that??? I will explain to you... Come on >>>>>>>>>>  

Home Custom of Bandayo Pomboide

Home Custom of Bandayo Pomboide is located in front of Regent Office Gorontalo. Bantayo means 'house' or 'building', while Pomboide means 'deliberation'. Bantayo Pomboide often used as a location for cultural performances throughout Gorontalo and ballet performances.
This home custom has its own characteristics that are different from other types of homes. Inside are various typical living rooms and having different functions.
Mechanical architecture shows the values ​​of the cultural nuances of Islamic Gorontalo. The entire building Bantayo Pomboide is divided into five sections. That is:
*Porch Foreign or Home.
* Living Room, elongated with a room on each end of the right and left
* The Middle is among the five largest rooms in another part. In the Middle room there are two rooms is located on the left side of the room. Two antique wooden beds are in each room. Antique wooden bed covered with a mosquito net and decorated cloth embroidered with gold thread is very gorgeous. On the right of this room there is a set of typical wedding Gorontalo, five human-sized dolls standing on both sides of the aisle. A pair of dolls men and women dressed in traditional right side of the aisle. While three other dolls, depicting a small family, located on the right side aisle. All three wore traditional Muslim style full of rich colors and embroidered with gold thread
* In the space, has an extensive and forms together with Living Room. Two rooms are also available in each of the right and left at the end of this room. In addition to the doors in the rooms at Inside also has a door leading to the side porch.
* Rear space is the location of the kitchen, bathrooms and toilets. Some room is located in Room Rear row and elongated. While the far right and left there is a door leading to the side porch.

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