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Leang Leang Cave

Hallo all..... one of unique place is cave. This place made from the rock and it's so hard. Some people fun to go to this place and they happy in there. Now I am going to tell you about the cave in South Sulawesi ~~~

Leang Leang Cave

Travel is an archaeological site. It is located in the historic cave Leang-Leang, District Bantimurung, Maros regency, South Sulawesi province. Cave leang leang describe past lives, a row of caves in the Rocky Mountains stretch it very attractive for tourists as well as for scientists.

Location leang leang Goa can be reached from Sultan Hasanuddin using public transport. From the main road towards the shaft was not too good, but the surrounding scenery is very beautiful. Huge boulders piled neatly in black with a wide field of view of very distinctive rock characteristics.

Goa at Leang-Leang was discovered by Van Heeren Palm.Dua Heekeren and Dutch archaeologists discovered the pictures on the wall of the cave (rock painting) in Goa Pettae and Petta Kere, two-leang Leang cave in, in 1950. Age of ancient paintings Leang-Leang estimated 5,000 years. Some archaeologists even found that some of the cave has been inhabited since 8000-3000 BC.

Cave Pettae facing west. The images found in this case are five palms and drawing a picture hog deer jumped arrows its chest. Besides the image, also found artifacts flakes, blades, and the shells are deposited on the mouth of the cave. To achieve this cave tourists have to climb 26 stairs. Goa is 300 meters Petta Kere Cave Pettae next. Relics found in the cave are two hog deer pictures, 27 pictures palms, shale tool blades and arrowheads.

To achieve these goa tourists must climb 64 steps. The high cave will force you to prepare extra energy before climbing the stairs. But do not worry; on the way to the cave you will be presented the view around an exotic cave.

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