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Tempe Lake

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Sengkang town is a small town that became Capital Wajo located in the province of South Sulawesi, is the kingdom Wajo Wajo yore, directly adjacent Wajo Bone regency, Soppeng, Sidenreng Rappang, Luwu. Sengkang Wajo which this year reached 613 He's going to make it grow old but never fragile. Masyarakat Wajo that holds True Philosophy "To Wajo'E Adenna Maradeka Nappopuang" has the charms of the legendary cultural, that Tempe Lake, agro-tourism woven silk, Citadel and the tombs of Kings Wajo in Tosora, Saoraja-saoraja and many more historical sites that have not been touched, and yet be found.

Tempe Lake

Tempe Lake is an ancient lake that formed from the earth denudation of thousands and even millions of years ago. Can visit Lake Tempe, meaning you are the lucky ones. Why? Because then you have to visit a special place in this Lake. Tempe Lake is hemisphere just above Australia-Asia continental plates and also set foot on two continents. This is great, isn’t it? That's what makes Tempe Lake Wajo World Pride.

Background the naming of the lake Tempe name is still a secret that cannot be disclosed through history. Surely naming the lake is nothing to do with tempeh, foods made from soybean, stout man said that tempe is derived from the Timpe which means Wajo sukkuna lontarak fields, but what's in a nama. For the people and the government, lake privileges largest fish producer in the world is necessary in order to popularize foreign tourists flock here.

R.I third President, Prof. DR.Ing. H. B. J. Habibie had good memories at this lake. One day in the year, with his colleague Prof. Ahmad Amiruddin Pabittei, Governor Sulsel send the basket on to Drs.H.Tajuddin Noer, who had served as District Secretary Wajo, this souvenirs is thanks to Habibi has sent dried fish ex Tempe Lake. Since time immemorial, Lake Tempe does have a rare species of freshwater fish and even not in place at the bottom of the other lake. at the bottom of the lake is said to keep the fish food source in the estimate to do with it lies in between the two plates Continent.

Once upon a time the lake has become one of the major suppliers of freshwater fish for the South Sulawesi province even to the island of Java. In addition to a number of freshwater fish are abundant, Tempe lake is also unique because the community makes floating houses in the middle of the lake. Exactly the Bajo, the Tempe Lake like life cannot be separated from the water ecosystem. The shrinking forest up stream Lake causing the water flows down drastically. Vast lake that was originally about 35ribu acres is now about 30 thousand hectares in the rainy season even shrunk to only 10 thousand hectares in the dry season. Even so there are still many people who depend on the fish and farms around the lake as did the previous generation. The trip down the river to the lake Walennae Sengkang town Tempe feels indeed. Seeing houseboat community events like the people who live on land.

The charm of Tempe Lake is still a mainstay attraction Wajo Government. In fact, the iconic lake Wajo is expected to be a tourism icon South Sulawesi province. The local government’s judge, natural scenery of Lake Tempe still maintained its authenticity has not been touched since modernization like sold in Asia, because the atmosphere is pristine Tempe Fund. For example, the mothers or young people who bathe in the river still use gloves and kids naked bath full of cheerful. "View like that attracts foreign tourists. Tempe Fund does not market share for domestic tourists for its scenery as it is considered normal.

Lake Tempe has the significance of the Environment. In addition to the fish resources, the surrounding riparian ecosystem is a habitat for many species of birds. Some are migratory birds that cross between continents and stop at the lake at certain seasons. Some bird species included in Appendix I and II of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species), a convention on international trade in endangered animals.

But the beauty and the ability to sustain the life of Tempe lake surrounding communities fade over time. Tempe Lake experiencing situation  that's the conclusion many environmentalists. When dry, the water is very drastic shrinking of the lake dries up the source of conflict in the business of farming. When the rains and floods, the stilt houses were submerged. As if forcing the residents to stop the move. Talking about the charm, South Sulawesi has a lot of charm-the charm of the world, ranging from natural charm, charm cultural, culinary charm, history and charm.A travel charm is trying to dig and lift at the South Sulawesi Provincial Government through the Visit South Sulawesi 2012. Visit South Sulawesi is a breakthrough program that was born for the government to promote and introduce the charms of tourism in Sulawesi in particular, not only introduced on a national scale but South Sulawesi South Sulawesi government trying to make the charms southern Sulawesi is known throughout the world as a place tourism has the charms of the legendary culture.

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