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Lakban beach

North Sulawesi has been the most northern province of the Republic is only known by the Bunaken marine national park or lake and panoramic mountain Tondano Lokon very beautiful views of the city Tomohon in the afternoon, in fact North Sulawesi has many tourist destinations are no less enthralling domestic or foreign travelers to get to know the beauty of the country is closer waving palm trees. One of them is the hill Beaches Lakban with love (hope) that is Buyat ever became national and international news as well known to the Minamata case of Indonesia in Southeast Minahasa regency.
Lakban beach

Lakban beach is one of the beach destinations in North Sulawesi and is located in Southeast Minahasa district Ratatotok. The distance traveled to reach this place takes 3 hours from Manado. Not a short time to reach this place, but a long journey to reach the shores of duct tape will pay off once he was on the beach tape. The distance is 145 Kilometers from the city of Manado, with land vehicles, tourists can get to the beach Lakban within 3 hours drive. To reach the travelers usually go pagi2 one of Manado, as well as our use Manadodengan HMC Honda Motorcycles Matic we have.

Along the way we can enjoy the beautiful scenery and amazing natural from the city of Manado. After passing through a winding road and climb very quickly makes the heart a little more interest Tomohan we entered the city with the cool air so many schools here were built in the Dutch when they colonized Indonesia, in this city there are also many facilities such as hotels, restaurants and banks because Tomohon a tourist city in northern Sulawesi.

Next we entered the district is famous for its peanut Kawangkoan typical, that does not exist in other areas. Passing through the town Kwangkoan we then headed Ratahan Southeast Minahasa district capital by way of protected forest and along the way to enjoy the beauty of the mountain Soputan a volcano in North Sulawesi are often issued volcanic ash that spread to kota2 around it, can also enjoy the buildings the architect of the church was similar to the Italian architect or Western Europe.

Roughly we berjalanan for 1 hour of Ratahan we get Belang district with an amazing ocean view and then we headed Ratatotok district is still included in the southeast Minahasa regency. Towards Sub Ratatotok us through the winding roads to the abyss that can cause discomfort, but the beauty of the sea and the forest road on the left to the right with the hilly topography makes.

We are very amused to enjoy the beauty of nature. Of the village lies at the foot of the hill Mangkit which is visible from afar Ban Lak beach (Buyat Bay). Love beautiful hills dotted with mosques and Cuba built alongside a statue of Jesus as a sign of religious harmony in District Ratatotok. Bukit love prodding the sea with tropical forests are mostly intact remind promontory on the coast of Pangandaran in West Java Ciamis. At the foot of the hill you are Buyat bay and beach Lakban with modest hotel built PT.Newmont while still active in gold mining, but because the Minamata case was forced to withdraw from Ratatotok. Besides duct tape beach travelers can also see the grinding stone containing grains of gold which there are many sub Ratatotok.

That is how HMC Manado invite members love their own country. Enjoy togetherness and can proudly say "We Proud To Be Garuda Riders ... Bravo HMC Manado,,, Keep Brotherhood & Safety Riding ...." Enjoy the beauty of the Land of the water so that the growing sense of love for the state and the nation.

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