Senin, 10 Desember 2012

Bukit Kasih Monument

Well guys.. In this time, I wanna go you to another tourist attraction in North Sulawesi, Yuo'll be happy visit this place, just believe in me..

Bukit Kasih Monument

The Bukit Kasih Monument tourist objects located at Kanonang Village, Minahasa regency, Province of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. The distance is about 50 kilometer south of Manado. Bukit Kasih is a sulfur hill that is still natural. In this place, your love will raise. There stood places of worship of the five religions that’s grown in Indonesisa. Bukit Kasih is built as a monument of religious harmony and brotherhood indeed. You have to climb thousands of stairs. At the top of the hill you will see that five houses of worship that closely stand each other. From there you will see the beautiful panorama of Minahasa.

At the foothill, you will be greeted by the Peace Monument with globe and statue of dove as a symbol of peace. This is a pentagon-shaped monument. In every side the paragraph of every holy book is written. Contains message to every human in order to life harmoniously and peaceful. After that, you have to climb thousands stairs that are divided into two parts. You can choose to pass through the right or the left side. According to local tour guide, there are 2,435 stairs in very part. A gazebo stood in the halfway. Bukit Kasih is located on the route of magma. Therefore, sulfur puff of smoke in some point. In this location there is also some hot springs. How hot is, raw food will be cooked in five minutes.

At the top of hill, you will see a stunning panorama. It is very beautiful picture of nature. Hills stand flake with Mount Mahawu and Mount Lokon as background. You can see the famous Tondano Lake. There is some food stalls as Bukit Kasih, hot spring bathing place, and sport field. This region also has some typical foods such as peanut and biapong. You can reach Bukit Kasid with public transport from Manado Bus Station to Minahasa. You can also use tourism travel agent or rental car. Trip from Manado to Minahsa takes within 1.5 hours.  It’s better for you to visit this palace.

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