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Lihaga Island

There are many tourists who do not know the existence of this island because the island is uninhabited small islands located in the district Likupang North Minahasa. On the island you will be presented view Lihaga white sand so fine and the sea water is very clear. To get Lihaga Island, from Manado takes about 2 hours drive to the nearest port, followed by a trip by boat can be hired with a journey time of about 45 minutes.

Lihaga Island

Island of white sand, and can reach about 2 hour from the city of Manado, though still a virgin but was able to lure visitors from various counties and cities. This is because the islands form a unique and beautiful beach. Uniqueness, it was quite close to the city of Manado on the side has also underwater park attraction that is not less beautiful.

Lihaga Island surrounded by white sand beaches and incredible natural scenery beautiful. An island that has not been touched by the hand’s human. It means that the beauty of the island is still awake natural. Its water is clear so we can see firsthand the fish that swim without dive. Although we have not yet processed, visitors to this island always exist. Many people not yet know about the natural charm of the island due to a lack of promotion Lihaga less attention than the already famous Bunaken to foreign country. Just from some quarters, but there was news to help promoting tourism in particular to northern Minahasa Lihaga island itself, it will do the Tour Lihaga Road Tour to the Department of Tourism in collaboration with the local community.

In the morning, blue sky and sun with beautiful white sand colored tiny that island. So that paid much fatigue to enjoy the journey is the white sand beach that is so exotic and beautiful. Because it looks like a lot of photographers who went to the island Lihaga to just take pictures as well as for shooting. Dikala evening at sunset, seen very clearly scenery is so beautiful; the island was briefly changed color to orange.

We can hire a tour guide for a trip to the island Lihaga, on this trip we were accompanied usual friendly guide on the call with the title name "herry ko." travel tour fee is sufficient to hold the event carried out travelers and tourists in the country. The activity is usually to air volley beaches, snorkeling, and includes requirements for there. The question about specialty foods, there are no inns or Kotex who stood firm there reason once again because the island has not been touched by human hands, still natural.

From some local tourists who want to stay, they are usually armed with a tent and a lamp or a flashlight or the like, and other necessities to stay in this island. Use flashlight or something useless for illumination when night falls, because when night falls on this island no lighting at all. When viewed as looking scary when night falls but all that was erased because of togetherness and joy of the team that did the tourist tour to the island Lihaga. Bonfires also are an option to warm the body accompanied by a stretch of the stars and moon when the weather is sunny.

It becomes an unforgettable experience visiting the island Lihaga. Ada two alternatives for you the traveler who wants to tour the Lihaga, either through sea ports of Manado. Take your pick for a pleasant journey.

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