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Bunaken Island

Here are some interesting places in North Sulawesi are mandatory for your visit if you are planning to travel to North Sulawesi.  Start from beach tourism to the fascinating underwater tour in a cool high altitude. And it is one of them. Let’s check it out…

Bunaken Island

The most interesting tourist attractions that you must visit when visiting the North Sulawesi Bunaken island surely. It feels incomplete to the North Sulawesi otherwise enjoy the beauty of the island area of ​​8.08 km ² and is located in the bay of Manado, especially for those who have a hobby of diving. The beauty of Bunaken Marine Park cannot be denied anymore. Even by some media bunaken included into one of the underwater world are obliged to visit. To reach the island of Bunaken takes less than 30 minutes by speed boat (speed boat) from Manado.

Bunaken Marine Park is known for its underwater beauty that is extraordinary. There are many types of fish in the marine park Bunaken. This is estimated that there are approximately ninety-one kind of fish, mollusk, coral reefs, and so forth. Of course, diversity is an attraction for the island. In fact, Bunaken is one ecosystem that has a wealth of marine biodiversity in the world. Bunaken National Marine Park is representative of Indonesian tropical water ecosystems consisting of mangrove ecosystems, seagrass beds, coral reefs, and land / coastal ecosystems.

Bunaken Marine Park has a 29 point dive (dive spot) with a depth from 1344 meters. From the 20 point dive, are within a 12 point dive around Bunaken Island. The 12 point dive is frequented by divers and lovers of the beauty of the turbulent sea. To enjoy the beauty of the underwater surface of the Bunaken Marine Park could use a semi-submarine boat located off the coast of the island of Bunaken. The semi-submarine ship in which there are glass walls. Through the glass walls, we can enjoy and beauty of underwater life. Good variety of fish, coral reefs and other marine life. For those of you, who visit there; definitely will not regret coming all the way there. Because paid by the natural beauty provided there. Indonesia is never running out of places beautiful and enchanting. But to keep this place beautiful and clean face, there must be cooperation between the public and the government to maintain and preserve it.

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