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Lore Lindu National Park

You want a holiday with different styles and gain knowladge as visit park??? yeah Lore Lindu Natioanal Park is  a national park in Indonesia. The located in the province of Central Sulawesi and become one of Sulawesi boidiversity protection

Lore Lindu National Park

The layout of the park is about 60 miles from the southern city of Palu and between 11990-12016 in the east and 18-13 in the south. The size of this park is being compared to other national parks in Indonesia. Officially this national park covers an area 217.991.18 ha (range 1.2% Sulawesi region with an area of ​​189 000 km or 2.4% of the remaining forest is 90,000 km Sulawesi) with altitude varying between 200 to 2610 meters above sea level. Most of the national park consists of sub-alpine forest and mountains (90%) and small lowland forests (10%).

In this garden artifacts fauna and flora endemic to Sulawesi and attractive scenery being in the Wallace line which is the transition zone between Asia and Australia, the location of the park is located in the south western part Donggala and Poso the catchment area for the 3 rivers large in Central Sulawesi, covering Lariang rivers, streams and rivers Gumbasa Palu. This park area is the habitat of the largest native mammal in Sulawesi as Anoa, babirusa, deer, monkey ghost (Tangkasi), monkey kakaktonkea, possum marsupials and the largest meat-eating animals in Sulawesi, ferrets live in this park Sulawesi. Not only that this park also has at least 5 kinds of squirrels and 38 different types of mice, including endemic species.

Here also there are 55 species of bats and about 230 species of birds including maleo, there are also 2 types of hornbills are looming Sulawesi Sulawesi Sulawesi and kengkareng. Hornbill hornbill benbuncak called allo or birds that inhabit the Lore Lindu National Park. Around the park there are also thousands of strange and beautiful insects. The butterflies are flying around the park and along the trail or stream should be observed because the color is very striking. In the park area is also scattered megalithic statues that he was already get hundreds of years even as the Valley Napu, Besoa and Bada. Statue of stone monuments is the best among similar statues in Indonesia.

There are 5 classification sculpture by shape:
1. Stone sculptures: usually these have human traits, but only this head, shoulders and genitals
2. Kalamba: megaliths found in many forms and resemble a large vase. maybe this is where the water supply,
    or even a place to out the body on a funeral
3. Tutu'an: plate of stone, most likely cover Kalamba
4. Dakon stone: stones with flat to convex depicting channels, irregular holes and other indentations
5. Other: mortar stones, poles and a few other forms are also found

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