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Talise Beach

Centrai Sulawesi has the different beach, such as Talise beach. This beach is so beautiful that has the harmony. If you visit to the Central Sulawesi you should stopping here, you will not regret it....

Talise Beach

Talise beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Central Sulawesi and is perfect for sporting activities such as windsurfing, swimming, diving, and fishing. What type Talise beach runs along the city of Palu to Donggala. From Talise beach we can see views of the mountains and a charming stretch of Palu Bay. Access to Talise beach is very easy to reach as it is located in the center of the city of Palu, from Palu airport takes only 10 minutes to get there because the distance is only 4 kilometers. A number of inns and hotels are cheap too many around Talise beach as a place to stay and rest.

Talise beach around there you can visit the Taman Ria Beach. Talise Coast region also has many restaurants that sell a variety of culinary specialties such as Kaledo Palu (beef bone soup) served with rice or cassava, Uvempoi (sour broth from beef bones) are eaten with Burasa (coconut rice wrapped in banana leaves), and Uta chest (sort of opportunistic chicken) or snacks such as banana Epek (dliumuri banana cheese and brown sugar) and Sarabba (ginger water mixed with coconut milk). 

And at the seashore Talise also find this a very beautiful mosque, called Masjid Arqam mosque Baburrahman, which is often referred to as a floating mosque. The call to prayer echoed overwritten fairly strong winds, while the rays of the sun from the west side looking increasingly dim, creating an amazingly beautiful streaks above ufuknya. Subhanallah, an excellent blend of harmony, between the beauty of the beach, chanting the call to prayer, the waves, the wind, the elegance of the mosque, and a burst of light in the sky towards the left of the sun.

Sunset is the most awaited moment when travelers visited Talise beach. Sunset coming down slowly in the afternoon as if it approached mount Gawalise. After the sun went down the lights will be visible from a fishing boat in the middle of the bay.

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