Selasa, 01 Januari 2013

Wera Waterfall

Happy New Year all... In the first day of 2013, I feel so happy and I also get new spirit... Now I am going to tell you about waterfall. This is so beautiful view and funny place... Let's check it out >>>  

Wera Waterfall 

Wera waterfall located at a height of 100 meter in the village Balumpewa Donggala, ± 1 Km from the highway axis Palu-Donggala. You will feel the coolness that is so delicious when you first hit the water in this waterfall. The water feels cold when you eliminate fatigue towards this location.

Aroma feels cool verdant trees and delights the eye. Not to mention that sometimes the birds chirp sounds add to the exotic waterfall in eastern Indonesia.

The appeal Waterfall Wera include bath / swim in the river Wera, climbing towards the top of the hill to the waterfall which is surrounded by beautiful scenery, Camping (Camping) in a flat area on the north and on the hilltop. Flora and fauna, especially of chicken Forest , as well as the lives of the surrounding community.

To achieve Waterfall Wera enough to exhaust as many sulfur and the location is quite steep with a slope of between 60% to of 90%. When walking the streets would look on the right side of trees and hills on the left side there is a steep river Wera.

The location was quite difficult in the contour of the ground is very slippery and rocky. So be careful.

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