Jumat, 25 Januari 2013

Ceremony Pasuo

Southeast Sulawesi have the special ceremony, its called Ceremony Pasuo. This ceremony very interesting. Let's go---->>>

Ceremony Pasuo

One of the great ceremonies, vibrant and unique is ceremony Paso. Is actually an initiation ceremony for girls who will grow up Buton. All the girls involved are required to wear traditional dress, with a bun (looks cute) like a pestle and mortar. Using custom clothing custom clothing resembling Sulawesi in general. Initially they gathered on the field lined up in a circle. A middle-aged woman, standing in between them to assist and to provide guidance (Bhisa). Furthermore, they were herded into a small room called Suo (The core of the ceremony). Initiate suo ceremony, all participants had to cry, at all costs. Some of their female guardian suo ready to cry pinch that they grow fast. This, according to bhisa, as a reflection of their lives that they are aware of the errors that have occurred and be sad about it. They were locked up for 7 days and 7 nights for a lot of the discourse given by bhisa. It's like a summary of life for them.

What is interesting is at the beating drum. Supposedly, if the drum is broken, there is no longer a virgin girl among them. In that room they also make a lot of ritual, rub ashes, slept with many different directions, all done without a shower. They go to the bathroom just for ablutions.

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