Senin, 14 Januari 2013

Natural Baths Bungi

Still in Southeast Sulawesi... Come on read this article...******

Natural Baths Bungi

Natural Baths Bungi, leading to this area is by Combing River on Buton Island in Southeast Sulawesi, is a very interesting tour and wonderful, because this region already include type Forests, Rivers, Trails, Waterfalls. Travel to Nature Baths Bungi is approximately 30 minutes from the city center to place the car park. then combing the river walk to the center falls approximately 3 hours. Along the river in addition to enjoying the scenery Natural forest edge, hearing birds chirp manifold that inhabit these forests, gurgling rivers lacks hitting rocks. journey through the path is still very natural ... sometimes climbing on the wooden bridge, Arriving at the center of the waterfall there is a wide field for camper.

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