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Nirwana Beach

One of the hidden tourist attraction in Southeast Sulawesi is Nirwana beach, this is so beautiful and amazing. Many people come there and some tourist said this place is still natural.
Nirwana Beach

Nirwana Beach is one of several beaches located in Baubau, Southeast Sulawesi. Historically, this beach has been known since Baubau still shaped district, which Buton. Formerly beach is public land which later formalized into one of the public by the Regents Buton that time, Mr. Zainal Arifin Sugianto (circa 70's). Then, in 2002 dirintislah A new city by Mr. Amirul Tamim, who is now known as the City of Baubau. Nirwana Beach is now in the region Sulaa Village, District Betoambari, Baubau, Southeast Sulawesi, which is within the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

"Nirwana Beach Is the Hidden Paradise," this is the comments of the tourists who have visited and seen firsthand the beauty of Nirvana Beach. White sand beaches, three vast stretches of ocean color, clean and crystal clear beaches and natural charm complements the work of the divine.

Do not stop there, the city which has a population of One Hundred Thirty Thousand, it appears that not only has beautiful beaches, but also its cultural heritage is maintained. In addition, there are also several other attractions, such as Niagara baths, hills, some peak, and several caves that possess a high historical value. And that is not less interesting is Baubau own Fortress World's widest breadth of 22.8 ha, length of circumference 2740 AD, and has 12 pieces and 16 Bastion entrance.

The fort was built from the Government of Sultan Buton-3, La Sangaji (1591-1597) and finished the whole Government at the end of La Buke Gafurul Wadudu, Sultan Buton 6th (1632-1645). Although after a few repairs, but still retained its original form. With this information, we hope to provide benefits, especially for those of you who have tired of the tourist spots that exist in big cities, because Nirvana Beach provides natural feel equally beautiful and has always been our common sights.

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