Selasa, 15 Januari 2013

Palace of Bau Bau Malige

Southeast Sulawesi has a unique place. Its so amazing place, because if we think cursory its impossible but its real.. do you want to know more deeply, let's go ------>

Palace of Bau Bau Malige

Malige palace or castle Sultan Buton, located in the Village of Melai, Betoambari District, City of Bau Bau - Southeast Sulawesi. The structure of the building is very unique is the stage of the three-story wooden building and was also built without using nails at all. Formerly the palace was used by Sultan Malige La Ode Hamidi as a seat of government and residence of the family. but is now used as a museum to store objects of historic relics of the Sultanate of Buton, like ancient cannon and other relics.

The building structure is as follows, the first floor consists of 7 plots or room, the second floor is divided into 14 bedrooms, 7 rooms on the right side and 7 on the left side. Each room has its own staircase until there are 7 stairs on the left and 7 right stairs, all 14 pieces stairs, third floor serves as a place of recreation, and fourth floor serves as a drying. In the next room there are Malige building a house building as a small stage, which is used as a kitchen, which is associated with the gang at the top of the pile as well. And remember guys, all combined into a magnificent building without using nails at all

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