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Lakeba Beach

Have you ever visited the island of Buton in Southeast Sulawesi? Or you have planning to visit there next vacation; do not forget to visit the beach Lakeba.

Lakeba Beach 

Beach of Lakeba is located in North Buton, Southeast Sulawesi. To reach this beach, it could use a plane or ship. Routes, which can be reached through: Jakarta-Makassar-Baubau Baubau and, for the sea trip from Jakarta to Bau-Bau for about 3 days, whereas from Makassar be reached with a time of 13 hours.

Lakeba beach has characteristics fabulous beaches, has white sand, crystal clear waters, a clean environment, complete facilities money. This beach is perfect for sunbathing, sand play, swim and even dive, and do not forget to enjoy the beauty of the sunset from the beach. The special of the beach are some alternative tourism travelers can enjoy such as:

Travel with the history of the old Village Kapunsari Fort Lapandewa.
-  Cultural Tourism, the tradition Pasuo, Trad
Natural attractions enjoy the adventure in the Forest Lambusango, Basilica Region, and Coastal Batuaga.
Culinary, Kasuami, Kambose, and Kambewe.

On the beach you can see the activity Lakeba fishermen will catch a very traditional view that will certainly make you very curious to observe the fishermen who would go to sea. Lakeba beach has very complete facilities, such as Banana Boat, Parasailing, and Jet sky. There is also a restaurant for your dining, complete with a diverse menu that will pamper your tongue, like amarican food, chinese food and a definite Indonesian foof. To stay you do not need to worry, plenty of lodging provided. There ddengan resort architecture that provides a custom home Buton Children Play Ground.

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