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Banua Mbaso

Every province has traditional house as the characteristics of that place. Traditional house usually unique place and treasure of the area. Like this place ----->

Banua Mbaso

Banua Mbaso or commonly known as the King shall mean the Suo besaratau the king. Banua Mbaso is the traditional home of Central Sulawesi were inherited by the noble families of the tribal Kaili. A house of this type was first built by King Hammer Jodjokodi, in 1892. This house is an unofficial kediamamn for manganese or kings and their families, especially those living in coastal areas and cities. Houses of this kind can be found in some areas of Central Sulawesi. Banua Mbaso built by King Hammer is hundreds of years old, it is still well maintained.

Overall, the building Banua Mbaso divided into three rooms, namely:

* Lonta karawana (front room). This room serves to
   receive guests. Before there was a table and chairs in
   this room laid onysa (mat). This room also serves as a bed for guests staying.
* Lonta layout ugana (living room). This room is especially to receive guests who still have 
* Lonta rorana (back room). This room serves as a dining room. Sometimes the dining room 
  was also in order ugana lonta. And in the back corner of this room is exclusively for bedroom’s   girls to be easily monitored by parents.

For urang AVU (the kitchen), wells and latrines, made ​​additional buildings or other room in the back which is separated from the main building. To connect the main building with kitchen space is created for the covered bridge called hambate or in Buginese language called jongke. In this covered bridge, usually made ​​pekuntu, this is an open space for the windy-wind. Under the main building, usually used as a work space for woodworking or a place to rest during the day. While the attic of the house used to store heirlooms and others.

This building also have feature, Mbaso Banua building has a unique architectural and artistic. Uniquely, this house-shaped stage which is a blend of custom home architecture (Bugis) in South Sulawesi and South Kalimantan custom home. Building a house is supported by a wooden pole rectangular block of wood of high quality options, such as ironwood, parrots, or the like, so that the building can last for hundreds of years. The roof of triangular pyramid-shaped building is decorated with carvings called panapiri. Interestingly, at the end of the ridge of the front and back laid-called crown engraved with the Bangko-Bangko.

Mbaso Banua building looks more artistic, because almost all parts of the building is adorned with Arabic calligraphy and carved with motifs of flowers and leaves. Decorations are included on jelusi-jelusi doors or windows, building walls, attic, hall, fringe stream roof, papanini, and Bangko-Bangko. All the decorations symbolize fertility, dignity, hospitality and well-being for the residents.

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