Kamis, 03 Januari 2013

Sarong Donggala

Hi friends how are you??? know I will give the different knowledge for you. Not all the country have characteristic as like in this place. Central Sulawesi has Sarong. I think it is different and unique place if we come there. We can see the process of making Sarong in this place. This is unique right???

Sarong Donggala

Sarong Donggala is woven Donggala local specialty, called Buya Sabe. The sound of pounding balida who met with traditional loom pegs distinctive voice is the sound of Limboro Village, District Central Banawa, Donggala. Balida is a long ironwood atauebony the ballast in the folds of cloth weaving as the weaver insert threads.

Sarong Donggala Buya or Sarong Donggala Sabe, the raw material of silk is thread. Created by midlife women aged 50-60 years and girls aged 12-20 years.

The style is varies, among other things, fabric palekat garusu, Buya bomba, Buya sabe, sabe combination and bomba. Pattern Buya bomba most difficult, it can take up to two months work. Unlike the other patterns just weeks.

Weaving Buya Sabe be woven throughout the village Watusampu, Limboro, Salu Bomba, Tosale, Towale and Kolakola west Donggala City Central Sulawesi.

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