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Do you ever hear about Kaledo??? If you ever go to Central Sulawesi so you ever eat Kaledo. This food is so delicious and make us hungry because of its smell... ^^"


Central Sulawesi has a typical meal, his name is Kaledo. Central Sulawesi cuisine including fry type dishes slightly yellowish translucent with a very distinctive flavor, which is savory and spicy tamarind. At first, this dish is only made ​​from raw cow's leg bone with a little meat. However, as more and more sellers’ kaledo, so the cow leg bones more difficult to obtain. To replace the leg bone, the spine is included as an additional cow was the main ingredient.

There is no official record of the origin of this food. According to the story, reportedly in the region of Central Sulawesi, there was generous veal chop and split-distribute them to local people. The Javanese are the first to come gets the beef is tender and then made meatballs. People who came next Makassar partake offal (entrails), and then cooked Coto Makassar. While the Kaili (tribal Donggala) who came later only get bones of the foot. Therefore, do not want to disappoint his family waiting at home, then the bones with a little meat still attached were brought home as a cure disappointed. The bones are then they cook and are kaledo.

Typical food Hammer is the main menu food stalls in Central Sulawesi. There are some special food stalls serving food, as food stalls located in Jalan Diponegoro segment, Palu: in Incense Beautiful: in front of the entrance Tumbelaka Coast Tourism (3 km from the city of Palu), and in front of the mosque Baabus Salaam, Loliege , Jl. Kingdom Palu - Donggala (3 km from the city of Palu). Besides in Palu and Donggala, food can also be enjoyed at the food stalls in Poso. To menjangaku these stalls, tourists can ride public transportation such as buses, taxis and motorcycle taxis.

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