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Forest Park Mahrum

Park is a place that very useful for human and also for the others species. If there is no park in the world, it  place will not peace. Do you agree with me???

Forest Park Mahrum

Indonesia is one of the few countries in the world that has a rich forest. This is real, forests in Indonesia not only as the lungs of the world, but also as objects to be interesting and exotic tourist destination for domestic and foreign communities.

Forests are one you probably will not miss when visiting Kendari is Tamahn Forest Murhum (THRM). Forest Park is located in the District Murhum Kendari, District Mandonga, Kendari, district and sub-district Soropia Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi. THRM is one of 16 forest areas that serve the existing nature conservation areas in the Southeast. Park which has an area of ​​approximately 8146 hectares located at an altitude of 25-500 meters above sea level with topgrafi a sloping, hilly, and mountainous area with a slope condition of slopes reaching 15 to 40%. While the contours of the land around the forest in the form of a peach-colored Podzolik.

If you visit there, the first time you might say is "Amazing" because, it has a variety of unique THRM that surrounded him, such as flora and fauna, to the natural beauty. Various types of flora that is in the park, such as small plants, various types of bushes, shrubs, and a variety of trees ranging from stem having a diameter less than 10 cm of up achieving greater.

There are a variety of tree species in the park, such as ironwood (metrosideros petiolata), EHA (Castanopsis buruana), bolo-bolo (adenandra celebica), bolo-bolo white (thea lanceolata), wood puta (baringtonia racemosa), Parinari sp., pandanus mat (pandanus aurantiacus), Parinari sp, and various species of palm (nengelfa sp., pinanga caesia and ucuala sp.) In addition to the trees, growing also various kinds of rattan (Daemonorops sp.), Such as rattan sticks (zolfingeri calamus), and lambing rattan (Calamus ornatus var. Celebicus).

Besides that, the wealth of flora, Forest Park Murhum also lives various animals, such as anoa, deer, possum, raccoons Sulawesi, hornbills, musk Sulawesi, albatrosses (haliastus leucogaster), and various species of butterflies.

And if you are tired of browsing THRM region, you can enjoy the cool waterfall in the forest while refreshing the body, you can enjoy the thrill of the fight of the heroes Kendari time of the Japanese invaders by visiting a Japanese heritage historical sites such defenses (bunkers ) upon which the cannon weapon equipped. With a blend of rich flora, fauna, and natural charm and historical sites in the area Murhum Forest Park, will add to the exotic beauty that may be difficult for you to forget.

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