Selasa, 15 Januari 2013

Liwutongkidi Island

Still in Southeast Sulawesi,,, this is about Island... Let's see this place...

Liwutongkidi Island

Liwutongkidi Island is an island located in Buton. Island area of ​​about 1,000 square km is memilliki tropical climate with an average rainfall of 1,000 mm per year.

Liwutongkidi Island by local governments Buton included as one integrated development of the region's Basilica (Batauga, Siompu, Liwutongkidi, and Kadatua). The goal is to develop a marine tourism object (under the sea) in the district with a rich variety of type baharinya it. It is expected that the basilica, the passion of the tourist to visit Buton increased.

Although the island is not that big when compared to other islands in the maritime Buton Island is able to provide a unique feel and charm with beautiful beaches underwater. The coastline along the island is filled with stunning white sand and nuances become more beautiful when combined with sea waves combing the sand.

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