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Mosque Buton

One of peaceful places is house of worship. Every religion has it and one of them is mosque. This place so amazing and give us the harmony and sometimes the miracle happen here. Do you believe that???

Mosque Buton

As the Islamic empire, of course, one of the historical heritages of the kingdom of Buton is the Great Mosque built in 1712 was built by the 19th Sultan, Sultan Buton Sakiuddin Darul Alam.

Buton Society believes that there are holes in the central mosque of the earth that can make people disappear. But in fact the hole is believed to be the center of the earth is a vertical tunnel measuring 2 x 2 m and have a walk-through of the coast of Buton. Now the cave is not open anymore for fear of already fragile. When the Dutch colonial period when there was an attack on the city, residents fled into the mosque and ran out through the secret passage. Because many do not know where did people entering the tunnel, then out the myth that the hole in the mosque is the center of the earth that can make people disappear or vanish.

The mosque is restored in the 1930's during the reign of Sultan Buton 37th Indonesia has architecture with 12 doors on all four sides and 12 windows at the top. The purpose of the doors and windows are adjusting to the number of doors in the castle Wolio which also numbered 12. In addition to the uniqueness of the building, the Great Masjidf Buton still retain special procession associated with the religious activities such as adzhan voiced, fully clothed typical 9 people participated accompany the Buton sultanate muadzim. Whereas when finished praying, the entire congregation and its priest kissing each other in turn with a solemn sitting position, a tradition that is almost extinct in many places in Indonesia.

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