Kamis, 24 Januari 2013

Waterfall Maroma

Besides as the tourist attraction, waterfall also useful for clean our body, yeah we can enjoy the coo water there and bath unlimited... It's fun riiiiiiiight?????

Waterfall Maroma

Moramo Waterfall Nature Reserve Area located Tanjung Peropa Konsel, Southeast Sulawesi, or rather in the village of Sari Resources, District Moramo. Cool, serene and stunning, that first impression is the waterfall area.

From an altitude of 100 meters Moramo Waterfall flowing seven main level that includes categories cascading waterfall (cascade) are beautiful too. In addition to the seven main levels, there are also 60 smaller tiers that looked like a small pond resting place of the flowing water. And the last level is a perfect place for a shower accompanied bathing place. While, natural inhabitants of this habitat are diverse birds, butterflies, colorful, and various other animals. Lacks a sound breezy beauty of waterfalls, chirping birds and shouted combined with dance colorful butterfly colorful.

Towards the first level through the terraced rocks as stairs will tapestries covered with very clear water. For those who are not color blind, can see the amazing natural charm is when sunlight bounces off the rocks emit a rainbow of colors dominated green bluish light, and as if dancing collide froth flowing water. At the waterfall, there is a potential wealth of natural stones such as marble huge and is one of the largest sources of marble reserves in the world.

This area is 65 Kilometers from Kendari, can be reached by land or premises vehicles directly from the airport Monginsidi (located in Konsel). Sources to Sari village and continued on foot along the 2 KM.

This area is furnished cottage in the waterfall area to unwind.

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