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Protected Forest Marowali

Protected Forest Marowali

Protected Forest Marowali located in the district of Central Sulawesi province Marowali. Travel to this area can only be reached by boat from Kolonodale (Marowali). Around Forest Preserve on land inhabited by Native Wana is still very backward, while the coastal area / above sea inhabited by tribes Bajoe. Various animals Marowali Forest Preserve that is second to none elsewhere that Anoa, Giant Bats with wings stretches up to 2 meters.

Area of protected forest Marowali is ​​436,756 hectares, woodland nature reserves and tourist area 241 331 hectares and consist of cultivation of 480,759 hectares of forest production and other use areas (APL) 417 226 hectares. Type the potential that exists inside cover of timber, among others: the meranti, mixed jungle, the beautiful wood such as teak and chrysolite, and there are also groups such luxury wooden ebony / ebony (Dyospiros celebica Bakh) including one rare wood in the world. The other forest products (non-wood), among others, rosin, pecans, calapai well as various kinds of rattan, and everything is a potential wealth of invaluable area. 

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