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Doa Tomohon Hill

Travelling is activity that make us happy and get new experiences. If you want to see the different place in North Sulawesi, you can visit in thhis place...~~~...

Doa Tomohon Hill

For those of you who love to enjoy the beauty and freshness of nature at the height of the Doa Tomohon hill are interesting places that you must visit. Here, you will be treated to a very enchanting natural landscape and could spoil the eye for anyone who came to this place. No wonder because the natural beauty of the Mount Doa Tomohon, is often used as a place where the photo pre-wedding. The time needed to reach this place about 30 minutes drive from the provincial capital of Manado, North Sulawesi.

Botanical Tomohon - Way of the Cross Mahawu (KRT-JSM) in Tomohon, North Sulawesi is a place of pilgrimage and prayer for anyone who wants to meet with God. The uniqueness and the uniqueness of this place are to have the Way of the Cross (via dolorosa) with high dioramanya human statue. In this complex also built a huge amphitheater and has a strong natural acoustics. Its presence in foot of  Gunung Mahawu with beautiful natural scenery and cool air makes a place of pilgrimage and prayer is often visited by people outside the island of Sulawesi, even from abroad. No wonder one of the icons JSM become spiritual tourism in Tomohon popular today

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