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Linow Lake

Who says only North Sulawesi is famous for its beaches and underwater beauty? The province is also rich in other natural beauty, one lake Linow in Minahasa. The lake is unique because it looks colorful.

Linow Lake

Lake area of ​​34 acres is a favorite location of the local community. In addition to colorful beautiful lakes, natural surroundings were beautiful. The birds grouse (some call it wild duck) flying low and occasionally swimming in the water. So what makes this lake has several different color? Apparently the lake is divided into two sides. One side has a high sulfur content, while the other side is not. Sulfur content, coupled with the effects of the sun can make the lake as if it has a different color.

Since 2006 the private sector to build a park on the edge of the lake - the entry fee is Rp 25,000 per person. This price includes coffee and coconut cake offered by the management. Lakeside park consists mainly of manicured lawns, a lounging area and a cafe. A path built on the edge of the visitors who want to walk around, and for those who want to exercise run.

The visitors usually sit on the edge of the lake while enjoying views of the turquoise Linow. On the other hand look whitish blue color. From the other side of the lake looks different colors, depending on the point of view of the viewer. Other animals are also attracted by the local insect called Sayok or commodities. Wingless insects that live in the water are also often caught for consumption.

All around the lake overgrown with spruce needles and colorful hibiscus. There are also many other flowers that I do not know his name. One caveat, at the edge of the lake there is often a mud mound, you'd better stay away. In addition, sometimes the smell of sulfur is also sharp. If no wind is quite strong smell wafted from a distance.

On the right side of the lake there is a damaged building that seems to be intended as Geothermal Resource Center and Geowisata Tomohon. Actually, such a development office is a good initiative, unfortunately unfinished building, and somehow let it alone. Linow lake is located in the village Lahendong, Tomohon.If you want to visit this lake is ideal for renting a car to visit some of the attractions at once. If you want to save, you can take public transportation from Terminal Tomohon, but should continue to walk about 700 meters.

From the city of Manado only took about 45 minutes to reach the lake. In the area you also some interesting locations that can be visited. One is Woloan, where you can see the making of the typical stage Minahasa. There are also village Pulutan, pottery industry center.

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