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Togean Island

Yesterday I told you about some tourism places in North Sulawesi and know I am going to tell you about Central Sulawesi. In Central Sulawesi also many tourism places that make us surprise... Let's see this place"

Togean Island

Togean Islands National Park is a national park in the islands located in the Gulf Togean Tomini, Central Sulawesi, which was inaugurated in 2004. The administration area is located in Tojo Una-Una. Kadidiri Island is the center of Togean, in Central Sulawesi. Not far from Wakai, a city district that became the center of the archipelago. Kadidiri Island is the most popular among the scattered islands covering an area of ​​90 square kilometers Togean. The majority of the island's ethnic Togean from Gorontalo, while there are ethnic native living with a house on the sea called Bajau tribe. On October 19, 2004, Togean has been designated as a national park covering 292 000 hectares of marine ecosystems and 70,000 hectares of land. Because of its location far from where where, as well as a protected position in the bay Tomini, making this area are felt secluded at once beautiful and clean from pollution.

The islands are known for its rich coral reefs and other marine life are rare and protected. Some of the actions that can be performed on the tour Togean include: diving and snorkelling on the island Kadidiri, fishing, exploring the natural forests in the forest in Malenge Island, as well as visiting Colo mountain on the island of Una-una. Tourists can also visit the settlement of Bajo in Kabalutan. Togean, Tojo Una-una, Central Sulawesi Province, will be the "icon" Sail Togean the plan would be held mid 2014. Not only the sea is calm, the cluster of small islands is stuck in the middle of the sea, being one of the main attractions for tourists visiting the archipelago.

There are many options for alternative routes to get to this place. Of Palu, Central Sulawesi provincial capital, a distance of approximately 320km, tempun time 5 to 6 hours when using transport type vehicle wheel 4. Given the unavailability of route airliners Palu - Ampana (capital of Tojo Una-una), then the choice of the land route being the only major transportation. Arriving at Ampana, we still have to take the sea route to get to the cluster of islands with the best in the world's biota. The only public transport available is a wooden boat being weighted. And takes about 6-7 hours, timber ships, ready to take us up to the famous island Togean it. Although governments Tojo Una-una own set ferry and speed boat, but not yet commercialized.

In Togean alone, the tourists do not need to be busy with a variety of accommodations. On the island of enchantment is there are different types of accommodation available here tiger. Ranging from local inns to cottages specifically for foreign tourists we can find here. For tourists who have a hobby of diving, surfing to fishing mania, Togean is "paradise". On this island, we can see the varied marine biota types, almost comprehensive in the world. Not surprisingly, many foreign tourists Wara-Wiri in this exotic island.

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