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Bunaken Island

Do you want to know the amazing place??? yeah this is one of the amazing place in North Sulawesi, you should visit there because the view is so very riveting our eyes.

Bunaken Island

Siladen Island located to the northeast of the island and has extensive Bunaken 31.25 ha and is surrounded by white sand beaches, coral reefs and sea with diverse marine life forms and colors that form a marine park is quite beautiful. Around the island, snorkeling, sunbathing on the beach with white sand, underwater photography is an activity that you can enjoy in this place. The waves floated a thin, broke the silence. Clear blue water per inch of dreamy beauty of underwater life with a diversity of fish and stunning coral reefs. Stretch of white sand beach with fenced palm trunks as if dancing endlessly. Shows mesh Siladen hidden island charm.

Siladen Island is one of five islands in the Bunaken National Park in Manado, North Sulawesi. The island also has a marine park with fish and colorful corals and a beautiful cave. Located in the east of the island of Bunaken, Bunaken District about 8 miles from the city center can be reached in 45 minutes by motor boat. Siladen the nearby island of Manado Tua has a vast 31.25 ha. Surrounded by white sand beaches and oceans are coral reefs with diverse marine life forms and colors that form a marine park is quite beautiful. The beauty of the marine park can be seen in locations called Siladen Siladen 1 and 2. Historically this has meant Siladen name ‘crashes’, and the story in the ancient times there was a ship used Sangier people who are traveling, crashed and ran aground on the island. So the island until now named Siladen.

The island is also known as one of the quiet island with chirping seagulls helped complement the natural environment that are difficult to find elsewhere. It is suitable for those who feel the need to alienate a moment of fatigue and bustle of city civilization, it offers an exciting opportunity to take a break and soak up the sunshine enjoying a healthy sprinkling. Stretch of white sandy beach is dominating this small island. This place is not only a great diving spot for experienced divers, but also a convenient snorkeling spot for anyone. Because this island has white sand is clean, while the condition of the water is not too much coral and dominated by sand, so it is suitable for swimming. Here stands a lot of luxury resorts neatly maintained, so that if in the Park which is famous for the beauty of the sea, while that on the island Siladen further highlight the beauty of the beach stretch, and the tourists prefer to sunbathe on this beach.

The white sand beaches Siladen potential to be used as a Sport Activity Center and the annual manufacturing realignment Sand Castles by region. Repositioning can be done by mengapitalisasi white sand to be used as event locations and activities-making sandcastles and sunbathing beach volleyball sports (sunbathing) but with certain premises code. In addition to physical activity to do on this island, tourist activities can also be enhanced by entering the niche market (market specific) to serve a segment of the community has an interest in the field of marine Coastal Cultural Learning Community (Communities learn about the sea as part of the culture). This market segment can vary from the laity to the academic (students) who are interested to know the underwater environment.

The trip to the island can be reached via Siladen two alternatives: first, by using public transport boat. These boats are only once a day and depart from Manado approximately between the hours of 01:00 p.m s / d 03.00 p.m (depending on tides). So if you want to Siladen island using public transport boat, you have to be ready to stay on the island Siladen, because this boat will return to Manado next day at about 07.00 am. So in fact the intention of once-daily schedule is from the island of Manado Siladen to depart at 07.00 am and will return to the island of Manado Siladen at around 01.00 p.m, at 02.00 p.m or at 03.00. p.m meanwhile, the cost of travel by boat is for non-natives in the range of USD 25.000 to 50.000 per person.

Second, by using a boat speed boat that can be chartered by tourists, this way travelers can depart to the island Siladen anytime and at what time only, then get back in the afternoon as well, or can also be followed by a stay in Siladen Island. For the cost of a trip by speedboat, these tourists are required to pay the cost of one-way charter boat to the island of Manado Siladen with prices up to Rp 250,000 - Rp 300,000 (per speed boat). If for one day rental home went on the same day, travelers must spend Rp 600,000. Until Siladen Island tourists will get a warm welcome by the population of the island because in addition to having unique natural beauty, as well as public life Siladen island is quite unique. They are very humble and very welcoming to visitors.

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