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Lake Poso

There are many lake in the Central Sulawesi and one of them is Lake Poso. The beautiful view in this place so make us enthralled and forget to the time... 

Lake Poso

Lake Poso in Tentena Poso - Central Sulawesi which is located at the northern end of Lake Poso has a beautiful nature and charming villages, quiet and spacious lake where fish farming eels, eel or Sogili biggest fish in the world, up to 2 meter, nature surrounded by hills covered with cloves. At the time of flowering clover (June to November) will issue a clove tree clove fragrance. Around the lake are still in the village of Tentena, found a cave deep enough, down to the bottom of the lake.

Lake Poso is a highland lake surrounded by mountains and has an attractive landscape and climate were cold so menbuatnya as a center of tourism development in Central Sulawesi. With an area of ​​32,320 ha lake is to the north to the center of the District of North Pamona. Tentena in the north, 56 kilometer from the southern South Pamona Poso. Bagian heading Pendolo. These two areas are connected by water transport through the traditional trade route between Poso and Toraja in South Sulawesi.

Boat trips are usually to night using oil lamps and so that passengers are not fully equipped with the cold. Held cruise night because of high winds, after 10 am that blows in the middle of the lake causing waves. Poso region has a variety of uniqueness that is not found in other areas. Poso is located in the heart of the island of Sulawesi, or even in Indonesia, which is located approximately 600 m above sea level, 57 km from the town of Poso, along the Trans Sulawesi. The circumference of Lake Poso 32,320 kilometer s with a width of 16 kilometers, which about 360 meter in the south, and 510 meter in the north. The water is clear of all time. The dry season in July -August, and the rainy season from January -June and then October- December.

There is a high tide occurs from April to June and July to December tides. When the tide, ¾ lake covered by white sand beaches. And the specific outcomes from the lake there Sogili and goldfish. In the southern part of the lake is located Pendolo district that is a haven for the stopover area coming from Toraja and made his way around the lake to explore Morowali, Tanjung Api, Asylum Lore Kalamanta, Tomini Bay Marine Park, Togian Islands, a boat ride in the Bada Valley, and saw hundreds of stone megalithik or slim to Manado. Around the lake there is a tourist area with natural orchid garden Bancea an area of ​​about 5000 ha with 55 kinds of rare orchids, white sandy beaches with a backdrop of forest orchids. Goa Pamona located on the other side of this lake, and faithful in the fourth week of August in Tentena held cultural festival of Lake Poso.

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